5 Benefits of SEO Audit for Your Business Website

benefits of seo audits for your business website

benefits of seo audits for your business website

An SEO Audit is crucial for your internet marketing strategy. This gives you a detailed insight how your website is performing on search engines.

If you are already working with an SEO company, this should be among the services they offer. However, if you’re yet to incorporate search engine optimization into your marketing strategy, then it’s time that you consider doing so.

Through an SEO audit, issues related to content and website architecture will all be brought forward. You can then see about the best course of action to take to resolve them. Understanding these issues and how they impact your performance in search engines will help you strengthen your SEO strategy.

If you’re still on the fence, here’s a quick rundown of benefits your business can receive from getting an SEO Audit.

1. Know your site health score.

There may be issues in your website that prevent you from improving your ranking. If you have had your website for many years already, chances are you also have a lot of content you can no longer check one by one. Since a Site Audit is performed with the help of online tools, every page or component of your website is crawled faster and more accurately. Apart from that, a human expert will also analyze your website further. From missing Alt tags on images to broken links, you are notified of problems you may have overlooked and are hurting your search rankings.

2. See the competition.

With a competitive audit, you’ll see what your competitors are doing. You’ll learn more about their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. They probably are targeting long tail keywords which you are yet to try yourself. Or perhaps they’re lagging in terms of user-friendliness – lack of navigation options or search fields. Either way, you can modify or beef up your strategy to ensure you’re not left behind. You can gain a competitive advantage by applying strategies competitors have not touched on yet.

3. Detecting red flags in your practices.

Whether you have stopped working with SEO companies or have not done so before, you may have done something that can penalize your website. SEO best practices are evolving over time. This is why internet marketing professionals themselves continue to educate themselves on the latest in SEO. Techniques that may have worked a few years ago may no longer be relevant today. Only experts will be able to help you ensure your website is safe from algorithm changes or Google penalties.

4. Improve domain authority.

Your domain authority could be one of your greatest strengths. If you’re planning on exploring outreach opportunities, for instance, a good domain authority may make influencers or website owners more willing to grant you an opportunity for link exchange. Improving your domain authority, however, requires hard work and consistency. For instance, you need to stay on top of your SEO practices. You also need to ensure regular updating of your content. And when you produce content, it should be informative and helpful and not just self-promotional in nature.

5. Increase conversions and sales.

With the help of a Site Audit, you can gain detailed insights which among your SEO strategies are working best. For one, you’ll see which keywords or content type are helping you drive the most traffic. You can then plan your content or lead generation strategy better. Your e-books, for instance, may be helping your email list and consequently, client list, grow exponentially. You can take advantage of opportunities like this so you can develop targeted campaigns.

If you’re meticulous in every post you publish in your personal online profiles, the more cautious you should be for your business website.

A thorough review of your website can be conducted by SEO professionals or internet marketing companies, without you spending more than necessary.

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