5 Content Marketing / SEO Tips by R. Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday

Content marketing and SEO can be tricky for business owners. In fact, even seasoned marketers find these as a huge challenge sometimes.

This is why it’s important to know who the key influencers are in the field. When it comes to SEO, Rand Fishkin is someone you’d want to follow.


Here are some crucial content marketing tips from Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Fridays:


1) Go for 10x content

It’s not about being as good as the top 10 names in search results. It’s about creating content that’s 10 times better than all that.

Find unique angles these top 10 might have missed. Examine every point they made and find ways to counter or top that.


2) Create a metrics dashboard

You have various teams working on your content. What kind of data do they collect to see if their approach is a success? A metrics dashboard can pinpoint what kind of data they should be collecting.

This is data that you plan to take action on.


3) Stop following old SEO techniques

A lot of people have frozen SEO into a specific state. This means that they did not update their strategy as the market evolved.

To achieve success, learn how SEO has changed over the years.

For example, stop writing content for search engines. Don’t stuff your content with keywords. Think about what humans would want to read and start from there.


4) Check if your pages are ranking for the right reasons

Wow, your page appeared on the top of search results! Don’t get too excited. Make sure the right page is showing up for the right keyword.

It doesn’t matter if your page showed up when your audience looks for “photography”. If the page talks about video, it’s irrelevant.

Find out why this is happening.

Consider tweaking the content to make it relevant.


5) Use internal links

External links are great. However, well-placed internal links moves traffic through the content flow that will drive their interest and increase lead generation.

When publishing blog content, make sure to go back to older posts and see where each new post can be linked internally.


The knowledge that this list comes from an expert should be enough to get your SEO going in the right direction. Rand Fishkin definitely knows what he’s talking about.

So start incorporating these tips into your strategy. Before long, you’ll start seeing real results.


Interested in learning more about SEO? Send us a message if you have questions about this topic. We’d be more than happy to exchange thoughts with you.



Reade Milner

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