5 Reasons Why Your Marketing and Recruitment Efforts Should Work Together

In today’s business world, long gone are the days where every department was a silo. The digital age has changed technology and communication, bringing different sectors of your business together. Things also move faster than ever before, making it crucial that teamwork is an essential component of business. This is especially true for HR and marketing. When it comes to recruiting, these two departments need to work together. Here are five reasons why.


Examples of Success

One of the best ways to bring quality talent into your organization is to show them many of the previous examples of people who have had a lot of success recently in your organization. This paints a picture of the good possibilities of working for you and makes your job easier. HR and pull from their files of employees of how long they worked there and their success levels. They can supply marketing with this data to inform the marketing campaign.



HR is a crucial part of higher level business strategy. People in HR often have human resource degrees. They have a key understanding of how businesses work—particularly with employees. They know how to achieve a strategic alignment with higher level goals. This knowledge can help your marketing team put together the values assessment. Assessments like this filter out a good recruitment campaign from a bad one.


Speed of Hire

Merging the efforts of HR and marketing can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to get the right people into your organization. And this is key. Having a position left open for a long time is a big problem for businesses. Let’s say you’re trying to hire more salespeople. You lose  potential revenue for every day someone isn’t out selling in the field or the store.

Great HR personnel can help you filter out the best candidates that will be a safer hire. That way you can have the confidence to hire faster than before and increase sales, security, or whatever aspect you are looking to improve much faster.



The world today is living in a state of concern. With so many scandals erupting in all levels of business and politics and entertainment, people are not feeling as safe as they once were.

A big part of your job when recruiting is to reassure people that no one will harass or mistreat them. You should express that if this does happen, there are channels they can use to get help. HR is a resource to leverage. Introduce job candidates to your HR department. They’ll know someone is on their side and against them.


Access to Profiles

If you have had a business for quite some time now, you have seen employees come and go. This is something that you can turn into an asset. Each worker has unique benefits or cons from their personality and results they got you.

HR can help you create a list of data to analyze. Certain qualities can show an employee is more likely to stay at the business longer, be more productive, and complain less. Look for these positive qualities in potential candidates. Share success stories with potential recruits. These stories could persuade them your company is the best fit.


When it comes to running your business and getting recruits, it is a competitive market right now. With the quality of the economy, people are asking for more benefits from their employers. To compete, you should blend the talents of HR and marketing for a robust and effective recruitment campaign.






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