7 Things You’ll Find in a Good Ecommerce Website Design

7 qualities of a good ecommerce website design

Let’s say you’re looking for a gift for someone close to you. Then you come across an online store that looks outdated, messy, and to a certain extent, virus-inflicted even. You’ll leave the site immediately, right?

When it comes to your e-commerce website design, it’s easy to say you can simply look at your sales and from there determine whether it’s working for you or not. But then, there are several factors that can influence your online sales and that you should pay attention to.

In this post, we’ll go over 7 qualities that good e-commerce website designs possess and which you should also find in yours.

  1. Design that fits your products and services. For your e-commerce website, you want a design that matches your products and services. This is to ensure your target audience will be able to connect to your brand. For instance, if you’re selling clothes for kids, you’ll lean toward a fun, less formal-looking design. You’ll want softer colors, such as pastels, in your palette.
  2. Navigation that’s easy to understand. All products and services that you offer on your e-commerce website should be properly organized. Just as how items are neatly stacked in a physical store so consumers will find what they need fast, your website should also allow for easy navigation. Crucial categories should be located on top of your website while less important ones can occupy your website footer. Items should be categorized precisely and there should be a clear path from the item selection down to the checkout page.
  3. Text that’s easy to read. There are countless text styles you can choose from but for your business website, you’ll want to focus on clarity. If your main audience is seniors, it pays to choose larger font sizes. But overall, font sizes that don’t require squinting or zooming in should work fine. Consider color contrasts as well. A supposedly easy-to-read font size and style can be overpowered by poor color contrast.
  4. High-quality, accurate product photos. The photos you post are the closest your online visitors can get to your products. Consumers won’t be able to touch or see items you sell in person. Create a positive shopping experience for them by ensuring quality photography. To set customer expectations, see to it that the photos you choose accurately present your products. This will also help buyers decide whether an item is right for them.
  5. Trustmark and clear payment method options. Before purchasing from a particular online store, you look for an indication that transactions are secured. In this regard, it pays to incorporate trust marks or logos that show your e-commerce website uses a secure payment system. And that buyers can be confident their payment details are kept safe and confidential. Letting consumers know beforehand which payment methods you accept also helps a lot. Make sure this is found on your homepage.
  6. Hassle-free checkout. Clear your checkout path of distractions. Test the checkout process yourself and eliminate roadblocks or unnecessary options. You want your buyers to easily purchase items. If there are too many steps involved, chances are your buyers will change their mind last minute and abandon their shopping cart. Focus on getting your buyers complete the purchase quick and easy.
  7. Detailed contact us page. Let your customers know how they can reach you. Include a detailed and updated contact us page on your website. If you have other ways your buyers can get to you, show it in plain sight. For instance, if you have a chat assistance available, you’ll want to let customers know right away. If you have physical stores, incorporating a store finder in your e-commerce site is also crucial.

Give your visitors a positive user experience. Convert them from ‘window shoppers’ into actual customers. Design your e-commerce website for success with the qualities listed in this post.

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