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1. Target Market

We help identify your target audience, what motivates them, then develop a strategy for targeting and engaging them.

2. Keyword Research

We find easy “quick win” keywords to get business fast. Then we target difficult keywords for the best results.

3. Competitive Analysis

We check out the competition to see what’s working. We then improve your site based on our proven ranking factors.

4. Page #1 Rankings

We use our internally-tested and proven ranking factors to bypass your competitors and rank on Page 1.

5. Increase Clicks

There are at least 13 results in each search. We work to make your site the most attractive and get the most clicks.

6. Conversion

Your website could be killing your business. We optimize page speed and improve user experience to convert visitors to leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Atlanta SEO Pricing depends on a number of factors including the competition, industry, target area, and how quickly you want to see results. In general, it is difficult to get sufficient results with less than $850 per month for a small, local SEO campaign while doing quality work. Companies charging less than this typically use pre-built, cookie-cutter approaches and overseas labor that no longer are effective in today’s complex environment. Additionally, the content created is almost always poor quality with grammatical errors.
If you’ve called around to different SEO companies, you may have gotten quotes ranging from $200-300 to over $5,000 per month. The reason for this is that “SEO” is such a broad term that it could mean anything. One person’s SEO package may include just monitoring and reporting your rankings, while another could be a massive and in-depth campaign including analyzing your growth.

Doing SEO properly often takes months, but it does vary depending on many factors. These factors include the age of business, reviews/reputation, previous SEO work, etc. Using a low-quality SEO company can significantly slow down results. Web Chimpy has a unique approach that involves finding fast, easy to rank keywords that bring quick results while also targeting longer-term, high reward keywords. Our goal is to get your business growing as quickly as possible so that our service pays for itself.

For established sites, expect up to 3-6 months to see a significant increase in business. For new sites, it can take at least 6 months to see significant results. We have had clients get a major increase in business in the first month and a few that take closer to 6 months. It usually takes at least a year to get the full benefits from SEO, and a quality provider should never be “done”, constantly working to improve and produce a higher % of leads.

We recommend you look for quality over quantity. Look for an Atlanta SEO company with a proven track record of results. Ask for references and talk to their existing clients. A reputable company will be upfront with you. Comparing SEO packages is extremely difficult, so it’s best to just look at the track record and verify the claimed results.

Red flags to look out for: Guaranteeing fast results, Promising specific sales numbers, lack of transparency, unwillingness to provide references, unwillingness to go into specifics about their strategy, and companies that have pre-built packages.

Web Chimpy is a one-of-a-kind digital marketing agency. We focus on not just building and ranking websites, but building businesses. We focus on building both short-term and long-term results that will last for many years. Our clients have enjoyed an average of 1,000% return on investment and we can provide a long list of references and case studies to show off our work. Here are some of the things that makes Web Chimpy special:

  • We offer free monthly marketing consulting to strategize and answer questions you have.
  • We spend thousands of dollars on internal testing and experiments to better understand what works.
  • We constantly work to improve our results, further improving your return on investment.
  • We don’t waste time on technical elements or gimmicks that yield no results. If it doesn’t help your business, we don’t do it. Period.
  • We are very selective about who we work with and only partner with companies who we feel confident we can help.
  • Our marketing director, Chris LaMorte, has 10+ years of experience in building profitable companies and currently owns multiple small businesses.
  • We have been in business for 5 years and are in excellent financial health, which offers our clients stability and peace of mind.

We don’t believe in offering pre-built packages as they rarely bring good results. True SEO involves analyzing your competition and building a strategy around what is working for your competitors. As a result, our strategy evolves and improves as things change. We usually recommend budgets starting at $850 per month for smaller, less competitive markets and $3,000+ for high competition markets spanning across major cities. Currently, our average customer invests $2,300 per month in SEO.

We specialize in local SEO, which means businesses that serve customers nearby. Some examples are roofers, plumbers, furniture stores, auto mechanics, chiropractors, etc. We do not do SEO for national or eCommerce websites.

Web Chimpy has been in business for almost 5 years and currently has 4 full-time employees, 2 part-timers, and dozens of contractors and suppliers. We keep our overhead low by having a small and inexpensive office with most employees working remotely where they can get more accomplished. At Web Chimpy, we practice what we preach. We keep costs low and operate efficiently so that more of your budget can go towards the things that benefit your business.

Atlanta SEO With Proven Results...

So you hire an Atlanta SEO agency that promises big results. You wait patiently for months, constantly wondering when the results are going to arrive.

6 months later, you have seen little to no rankings. You’ve hardly seen any growth in business, and you have invested thousands of dollars.

Very few Atlanta SEO companies offer real, tangible results. Even less focus primarily on your business and what will increase profitability. Now finding a company that does this at an affordable price is like finding a real-life unicorn.

Our SEO & Services were created by small business entrepreneurs intending to create a service that prioritizes the needs of a local business or organization.

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