Content Marketing Tips that Will Help You Attract New Customers

content marketing tips to attract new customers to your small business

If you’re a small business owner, it’s understood to not have a huge budget to spend for content marketing. That’s okay. If anything, you don’t need big bucks to make it big in inbound marketing. You have to be smart rather as the ways of big companies won’t necessarily work the same for you.

Remember, though, that it’s not enough to create content. You need to develop a strategy to make it as profitable as possible. Here are tips on how you can win new customers through your content outreach efforts.

1. Always think of your customers.

Invest time and effort in creating practical content. That which answers the problems of your customers. When you’re working on your content, you’ll feel tempted to promote your products and services. But as a consumer yourself, you know you don’t need this. Especially if it’s your first time discovering a store or a service provider. You want to know how the team can help you address your concerns. You want advice. Give that to your readers. Answer common questions you receive and later on you will have useful content enough to keep visitors coming back to your site, and ultimately convert them into actual customers.

2. Review your post (over again) before publishing.

Every content you post is a representation of your business so always focus on quality. Give yourself time to review your content before publishing it. Leave the proofreading for the next day. It’s good if you also have someone to pass your content to. Have them read your work and see what they think. Also, be careful about posting on social media. Connect with what’s trending only if it’s related to your brand.

3. Share your story.

Every small business has a story to share. That story can be about your inspiration for starting your business, how you grew it over time, or how you failed many times along the way. Consumers love hearing these genuine stories that allow them to connect better with your brand. They’ll see how passionate you are about what you do. They’ll get to know the people behind those content, images, or logos.

4. Practice writing every day.

They say the only way you’ll improve your writing skills is to practice writing every day. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to push yourself to complete a post daily. But be sure to dedicate at least a few minutes every day to write. It can be as short as a single paragraph. It could be a quick answer to an inquiry you received from a customer. Or you can also challenge yourself to revisit and rewrite your old posts.

5. Invest in long-form content.

How long should a content be for it to gain approval from search engines? There is no standard rule as to the length of content you should produce. But posts with a word count exceeding 2000 tend to rank better in search engines. If you can answer a question in a short post, that’s okay. But if you have more thoughts and details to share about a particular topic, feel free to write longer. Again, you need not complete it all in one sitting.

6. Use your keywords wisely.

Your keywords serve as your guide to planning your content. Some keywords will be harder to rank for. But, there are also other keywords where you’ll have higher chances of getting seen by potential customers. Target these important keywords but do it sparingly. You also want to set metrics to measure how your keywords perform. If you need help understanding keywords better, consider working with a reliable SEO company that focuses on helping small business owners like you.

7. Be open to changes.

Content marketing is constantly evolving. Trends come and go so you need to be prepared for these changes. See these transitions as a chance to find bigger opportunities to grow your business. You never know how that one email can help you grow your network or increase exposure for your brand.

8. Keep patience a virtue.

Content marketing is a long journey. You won’t see results overnight and you may have to do trial and error tests over again. But the good thing about focusing on improving and making your content more profitable is that results can be very rewarding. And more importantly, lasting.

9. Learn to delegate.

Sometimes, the success of your content marketing efforts lies not in your capacity to manage everything yourself, but in your ability to trust others. If you feel you need extra hands for your content marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to find someone that can assist you. Set aside a budget for finding a great talent. Note: You need not blow cash for this. The search may take some time, though, as you want to be sure of your choice.

10.Keep educating yourself.

Copyblogger is a treasure trove for content marketers and so is Neil Patel’s blog. And these are only two examples of awesome resources you’ll find online. Strive to better yourself and know more about online marketing by subscribing to these websites. After all, reading itself is crucial to becoming a better writer. Plus, you’ll get to discover tips from no less than expert content marketers, themselves.

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