High Quality Content Marketing

Content Creation and Marketing to Attract Your Target Market.

Content That Converts

We have team members that can create copy, photography, and even videos that will engage with your users and convert.

ROI First Approach

Content Marketing should be done from a standpoint of lead generation and producing a solid return on investment.

SEO Optimized

All Content Marketing should be done with search engines in mind, whether rankin on Google, Youtube, or Social Media.

How Do We Turn Content into Business?

Content Marketing is a great tool that when done right will directly lead to sales. Creating content that your target market is searching for is just the first step. Here’s how we do it:

1. Attract Your Buyers

We start by creating high quality content that your buyers are already searching for. This is different than targeting direct ‘money’ keywords or ‘buyer intent’ keywords. Content Marketing instead aims to answer questions your target market is asking.

2. Nurturing

Nurturing is an important part of turning content into business. This often comes in the form of e-mail marketing where your audience can subscribe to your content which builds trust along the way. Nurturing these leads lets them know you are an authority in your space.

3. Convert

Every sales funnel is different depending on the company, but the general principles are the same. Converting your audience into customers is done by mixing offers with your content so that when your prospects are ready to purchase, you’re already in their minds.

SEO Copywriting

While different forms of content introduces variety and interest on your website, it is also important in the way you used the content. In other words, the proper use of copy in your website is relevant copywriting. Formulating the correct message without the event of confusion or misunderstandings is the key. If you are able to successfully make your message stand out, your potential consumers will know exactly how your business can make them happy.

Are you in need of a few pages of written content? All you have to do is inform Web Chimpy on the topic of the content, and we’ll write it!

Professional Photography

Pictures say a thousand words, and the same couldn’t be more true with photos embedded on a website. Truthfully, pictures are much more likely to catch the interest of a viewer’s eyes before he or she reads a sentence in a passage. If you incorporate the use of beautiful, high quality photos on your business website, your message is more effective.

Here at Web Chimpy, we are aware that a business owner can make changes and updates all of the time.


What is true about photography and its presence on your business website is also true for videography. Not every business will necessarily have a significant need for videos. However, those that could incorporate videos to share with their viewers oftentimes makes the relationships that they may have with their customers seem a lot more personable and real.

If you happen to have a brilliant idea or two, and you need videography services, look no further than Web Chimpy!

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