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What Does a Marketing Consultant Do?

Your Marketing Consultant or Fractional CMO can help with all areas of your marketing strategy.


Your dedicated CMO will offer consulting and help with any marketing or business related questions.


Your Chief Marketing Officer will develop an in-depth marketing roadmap and determine the best way to market effectively.

Budget Management

Your CMO will work with the president or CFO to determine which places to allocate resources to and how much to spend on marketing.


Your CMO / Consultant will help you execute your marketing strategy, either through outsourcing or working with in-house employees.

Monitor KPI's

Your CMO will be in charge of all marketing efforts, creating and monitoring key performance indicators and making adjustments.


Your CMO will do whatever it takes to grow your business. They will work to achieve both short term and long term goals to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Fractional CMO, or Chief Marketing Officer, is essentially a person who will serve as your company’s head of marketing on a part-time or contract basis.

They will be in charge of all marketing efforts, and lead the team either through outsourcing specific services or managing existing employee activities.

Cost for your Fractional CMO or Marketing Consultant highly depends on what your needs are. Currently, we charge $250 an hour for our Fractional CMO and Marketing Consulting services. 

We also offer discounted hourly rates for clients who prefer a fixed number of hours per month with our Fractional CMO service.

At the moment, we only have one Fractional CMO for hire. Chris LaMorte is the Chief Marketing Officer of Web Chimpy and has served in management level marketing positions for over a decade.

Chris has served as a Fractional CMO for over a dozen companies and has a proven track record at bringing high ROI percentages.

A good CMO is someone who will do whatever it takes to grow your business. With our service, we aren’t confined simply by the services we are familiar with. We will do whatever it takes to grow your business, plain and simple.

Typically we don’t do this. However, when we see a business that is unique and exciting we will often do a pay for performance model. The main reason we don’t do it a lot is because it’s sometimes difficult to track and can lead to headaches.

Currently we do not require any minimum number of hours. If you need only one or two hours of consulting, that is totally fine with us 🙂

Why Marketing Consulting?

Marketing Consulting can often help business owners open up to new ideas and information, allowing them to grow at a faster rate or expand market share. 

We offer both Marketing Consulting and Dedicated CMO services where we help improve your overall marketing strategy  and get awesome results.

If you feel like your business has hit a glass ceiling or simply could use some improvement, feel free to reach out for a free consultation.

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