Top Three Content Creation Lead-Generating Ideas

Creating lead-generating ideas for content marketing is vital in reaching your target market. With the changes in Google’s algorithm, you need to master the ways of building your audience. Every idea needs the foundation of quality content creation. From that groundwork, you can branch out to different content strategies.

Content Creation Ideas

Here are three of the best methods to help you produce premium content results:

1. Create an eBook

Based on studies, the total earnings from eBook sales will be roughly $8.7 billion by 2018. Thanks to handheld devices, it’s easy for consumers to read information via eBook. An excellent lead-generating idea in building your audience is to produce a free eBook. Think of it as a free resource about what your brand offers. Highlight the benefits users can get from your product/service. Include instructions on how they can maximize what you offer.

To maximize its use, create a landing page for the eBook.

2. Host a webinar.

Webinars are great because potential leads can actually see and hear you as a niche expert. But webinars are only successful if you offer value to your audience. Choose webinar content relevant to your market. Present it in a way that sparks their curiosity and interest. Emphasize the answers to the audience’s first instinctive question: “What’s in it for me?”

If you host several webinars, you may also invite guest speakers from your niche. This presents a great opportunity in building your audience and broadening your network.

3. Organize real-life events.

Real-life events are necessary. They build the gap between the offline and online worlds. If you do it right, online marketing can dominate your brand’s marketing campaign. But even with solid online campaigns, traditional marketing is still needed. Organizing real-life events is a great example of traditional marketing.

You can merge the two worlds by using your online presence to generate interest in the event. If you’ve invited speakers or guests to highlight the event, upload a sneak peek online. Create event hashtags to use pre, during, and post event. You may also set up a live stream or a live blog of the actual event so your online audience can participate.

Creating quality content is not that hard if you know your product/service inside out. You should also stay updated about your niche. Brainstorming ideas regularly also helps.

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Christy LaMorte

Christy LaMorte

Christy LaMorte has a passion for helping others through learning and advising. She plays a key role as a lead generation expert at Web Chimpy by envisioning the big picture in making a small business successful, then strategically plugs in the small missing pieces that strongly encourages profit and growth.


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