What to Do Next After Finishing a Blog Post

Congratulations on finishing another blog post! It’s awesome to put what your business can offer to its potential clients into words. But finishing a post isn’t the final step in content creation. In fact, it’s only a gateway. Publishing a post and doing another one quickly is a waste of your time and resources. Rather than covering a new topic or outlining a new article, stick with the one you finished right now.

Maximize the Value of Your Blog Post Right Now

  1. Proofread the article again… and again.

Even if you have impeccable English, there’s still a chance you’ve made a mistake. Rereading your post over and over helps you spot grammar errors. Proofreading also enables you to tighten your point or topic.

  1. Add internal link(s).

One effective SEO strategy is to insert links of your old posts to the new one. If you’ve already published related articles, practice internal linking. This will encourage visitors to explore your blog. It will also strengthen your position as an expert in your niche. It helps in building your site structure and validates your new article.

  1. Ask a question at the end of the article.

When you finish your blog post with a question, readers will be encouraged to answer it. The simple Q&A strategy can spark a whole conversation. When you engage with readers, you put a face or a human feeling behind your brand. Potential clients are more comfortable doing business with someone who is up for a talk. 

  1. Share the article on different social media platforms.

These days, most online users focus on their social media profiles. They rely on social sites to get news on the things they look for. If you fail to share your blog post to your social media profiles, you lose a ton of potential clients. If you overlook adding share buttons on your blog, you cripple your content’s “shareability.”

To get greater exposure, share your article on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Other relevant social sites include Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit.

  1. Comment on other sites or blogs.

Blog-hopping to niche-related sites is one way of building trust and rapport with others. It’s also a good way of encouraging other site readers to check your blog. Make sure to leave relevant comments. If a link is permitted either in your name or actual comment, put the URL of your latest blog post.

Writing informative and fun posts helps your company stand out from the competition. Regularly check our site for more tips and tricks about content creation, especially with WebChimpy. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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