Meet the Marketing Director

Chris LaMorte got started with internet marketing at only 13 years old. He learned web design as a hobby. After building a few websites, he developed an interest in SEO and Internet Marketing.

Chris has started several online businesses and eventually began offering internet marketing as a service. After more than a decade of marketing experience, Chris has worked with 100+ businesses and helped them leverage their online presence to grow and become more profitable.

Chris developed an ROI-Focused approach to online marketing and believes in finding the most efficient way to help business owners succeed.

Partners in Crime...

Web Chimpy is a business being lead by a husband-wife team. We are on a mission to help raise awareness in the Internet Marketing Space and help businesses explode with growth.

With Chris LaMorte as the head of marketing and Christy LaMorte as the project manager, we are an unstoppable force when it comes to increasing profitability and marketing our customer’s websites.

How Did We Get Started?

Web Chimpy was created in response to a major problem found in the web design and internet marketing industry. At the time, there were usually 2 types of agencies: Those that were good and those that were affordable. 

The good companies offered quality service, but cost too much for the average small business. On the other end were companies that were cheap. These companies had a common issue as well. They oftentimes delivered low quality work and poor customer service. 

Web Chimpy noticed there was a lot of “fluff” in the internet marketing industry that most small businesses simply didn’t need.

Web Chimpy has an effective, streamlined process to create high-quality websites and online marketing strategies at a fraction of the price that the big agencies charge.

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